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Localize International Sales

Cogno delivers personalized and interactive shopping support to help brands improve conversion and upselling

Before Cogno

Brands struggle to provide effective customer support due to language barriers and staffing shortage. Customers do not receive guidance, leading to lose of interest and cart abandonment.

With Cogno

Cogno provides 24/7, multilingual shopping guidance and offers personalized sales support for customers, helping brands enhance global market navigation and reducing cost.

AI Assistant

Optimized Funnel

Increase Sales

User Insights

Lead Capture


Cogno Solution

A Captivating Shopping Experience

Cogno helps attract and retain customers by providing product purchase guidance for customers based on their shopping needs.

  • Need Analysis
  • Item Recommendation
  • Task Execution
  • Engagement Tracking

Customer Need Analysis

Stop generalizing customer needs. Analyze user behavior in real time, on a case by case basis.

Task Planning & Execution

Shopping shouldn’t be hard. Our agents break down complex goals into implementable tasks.

Sales & Repurchase

Decisions take time. Stay connected to your customers and increase repeat purchases.

Boost sales

Cart Optimization

Improve Satisfaction

Perfect Match

Cogno Solution

Discover Unvoiced User Needs

Cogno learns from user web interactions, generating tailored product recommendations and cart optimization strategies for increased sales on the go.

  • Persona Analysis
  • Sales Proposal
  • Strategy Generation
  • Engagement Tracking

Cogno Solution

Self-optimizing and Industry Specific

Cogno is capable of self optimization. Starting from a custom knowledge base, Cogno learns from successful sales conversations to develop more effective sales strategies.

  • Data-driven strategies
  • Powerful insights
  • Continuous deployment
  • ROI tracking


Session Time Increase


User interviews


Order value Increase



Advanced AI Roles

Have a task in mind? We have a specialized AI role for that! With our array of AI roles, we are able to analyze and complete complex tasks such as nutrition analysis, wine recommendation, and even real time technical assistance!

Nutrition Analyst

Create a recipe tailored to your dietary needs and find the right ingredients for the perfect dish.

Fashion Advisor

Don’t know what to wear? Cogno draws data from the latest trends to create a perfect match for you.

Wine Connoisseur

With so many options to choose from, Cogno is there to help you make informed wine decisions.

Tech Expert

Cogno helps you make sense of tech specifications and comparisons to find the most compatible device.

Special Accomodation

Cogno makes sure nobody is excluded. We help customers with accessibility issues enjoy the experience too.

To be added…

Have an task in mind? Inform us of your need and we will include it in our product roadmap.

Integrate Cogno with leading sales support.

Mix and match to build the perfect AI interaction assistant tailored towards your industry. Help solve complex tasks and enhance shopping experience for customers.

All: ▲ 33.3%


Quarter 🔻



+ $530,865

Total: $530,865


+ $2,473.65


How do you provide personalized shopping support?
By analyzing real time user browsing behavior and sales conversations, we identify likely user needs and provide relevant sales guidance, increasing customer engagement and improving conversion rates.
How do you process frequently asked questions?
When a user asks a question, the system automatically stores a record of the conversation and combines it with the corporate database to optimize the answer. This allows the system to ensure that each conversation is completed with high quality when other users ask the same question.
How does Cogno know how to answer questions about our brand?
Cogno will create a product knowledge base unique to you based on your product and industry background. This data will be used in the shopping guide model AI to make it a domain expert, providing professional product guides and detailed answers in conjunction with the sales characteristics of that industry.
What types of data can Cogno process?
Cogno will create a unique multi-agent system for your company based on your existing website and other sources of information available. We can process unstructured data such as PDFs, videos, images, as well as structured data from SQL, Excel, and semi-structured data from APIs to automatically tune models. 

Columbia University

University of Washington

Northwestern University

Washington University in St.Louis

Cornell University

University of Southern California