The Cogno Journey

Our Mission

We believe multi-agent LLM systems will change how e-commerce and online shopping is performed, making personalized product presentation and recommendation more accessible than ever. Going onward, we hope to utilize AI models to build products that create real value in the daily lives of people worldwide.

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Our Team

Our team members come from Cornell University, Northwestern University, Washington University in St.Louis, and other well-known institutions around the world. Cogno members have prior experiences in artificial intelligence, product design, online shopping, and venture capital. By joining the team, you will have the opportunity to explore technology applications with interesting peers and experience what it is like to build a startup from the ground up.

Our Traction

Since launch, we have developed a multi-agent system for complex task planning and execution. We conducted over 200 hours of user interviews, and are currently proceeding with 5 product tests. We have received angel funding and are a part of the Columbia Startup Accelerator in China and the Amazon Activate Program.